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The most fun solution of package delivery


You can download our deliverigo mobile app from the App Store and Google Play.

  Application score of 4.98

Call a courier with one click

24/7 Live support

Instant courier tracking

Instant delivery notification

Delivery detail report

Do not bother with tools and equipment.

deliverigo does not deal with member workplaces, vehicle purchase and maintenance. a malfunctioning vehicle does not disrupt its work. They enjoy the convenience of delivering products with impeccable service to their customers in all conditions, under all circumstances.

Don’t bother with the potential hassles of employing a courier

deliverigo member businesses do not allow; the couriers stopping work, not showing up, inconveniences or similar risks to slow down their business.

Eliminate Legal Challenges.

deliverigo member businesses work to become more specialized in the jobs they know. They do not invest their investment capital in an area where they are not experts. Instead of dealing with motorcycle personnel costs, SSI and legal risks, they use the Joint Courier system, which is a lower-cost system.

deliverigo member businesses call couriers when they need them. They do not have to cover the cost of the courier during the hours when there are no or few orders.


Stage 1

Fill in the

Answer a few of our questions about your business.


Stage 2

Buy the

Purchase the appropriate package from our mobile application.


Stage 3

Get acquainted with the pleasant state of delivery

Download our mobile application, enter the member business’ code and password given to you for the first use, and your courier will come to your door with just one click.

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