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Let’s Answer Your Questions

it is very easy to become a deliverigo member workplace. Click on the “Become a Member Workplace” link on the main page, upload the requested documents from the mobile application after approval, purchase the appropriate package and start sending your packages.

Just click on the “Call the Courier” button in the application Dec You can follow the process live when your courier is assigned and on the go.

The “Deliverigo” application automatically assigns your package order to our courier, who will be able to deliver it as soon as possible. The assignment information reaches you and the application shows you how many minutes our courier will receive your order.

Restaurant, grocery store, grocery store, pharmacy, bakery.. all businesses that offer a takeaway service, such as ”deliverigo”, can make their business easier.

If you wish, we will make your collections by cash, credit card or food card at the door and deliver the collection to you. If you wish, we can collect it with our own systems and transfer it to your company’s bank account with a small commission.

deliverigo is founded on the fact that all businesses located in polygons can receive fair and common services. For this reason, it serves orders from 1 km to 10 km with varying shipping charges.

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